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Empress Art’s story begins with Sharon Kuo, the daughter of internationally acclaimed artist Ming-Chaio Kuo. Mr. Kuo’s work has been represented in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Asian Art, The Vatican, and many museum installations around the world. He is also responsible for reviving the art of cloisonné, a similar technique to “enamel-on-copper” dating back from the early 1800’s. Sharon, as a young girl followed her father everywhere, absorbing all his wonderful artistic creations and often posed as a model in many of his artworks. Mr. Kuo founded China Cloisonné in 1964 and hired Sharon as a designer and production manager at the age of 18. Many of the most intriguing pieces in China Cloisonné’s collection were her creations.

In 1978, Empress Arts was born. Along with her husband Morris, Sharon began to pursue her own artistic creations and artistic career. Together, they began with artistic pieces in the enamel-on-copper medium and soon discovered many other mediums such as stone rubbing and bronze sculptures. Their continuous discovery of other mediums provided the seed that has helped to make Empress Arts what it is today. Sharon, always looking for new and innovative ways of bringing different materials and textures into her art, has made a career out of bringing beautiful and unique designs to the many pieces that Empress Arts offers. Sharon has evolved through the years as an accomplished designer and has delighted collectors worldwide.

In 1993 after Morris’ passing, Sharon’s daughter Kathy Tanabe began with Empress Arts. Kathy inherited from Sharon and Morris their sense of appreciation for the arts and love of beauty. And, having previously earned a degree in interior design from Woodbury University, Kathy proved to be a welcome and valuable addition to the company. Her business sense, sound management practices, product design ideas and award winning booth designs have helped to advance Empress Arts to a level they could not have expected. Their shared journey of creating happiness in gift objects has proved to be both inspiring and deeply rewarding.

Empress Arts has come to represent a complete package for the gift industry: high-quality, beautiful products, pricing designed to include anyone who enjoys art and unique gifts, a seasoned company with a strong history, and in-house customer service and regional reps to make sure your are being well cared for.

When you collect Empress Arts’ pieces by Sharon Kuo, you are collecting three generations of artistic creativity.

Along with our valued and competent staff, we offer our sincerest gratitude and invite you to enjoy our little bundles of happiness…

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