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Founded in 1993, PPD is located in Marin County, California, right between San Francisco and the beautiful wine regions of the Napa and Sonoma valleys. The concept was to bring fun and fashion together on napkins, plates and accessories, and to create vivid and entertaining themes which we could proudly display in our award winning catalogs.

We have the largest collection of napkin and plate designs in the business and - courtesy of our top-notch production facility in Germany - we can produce our napkins and world famous Sniff™ tissues at a level of quality beyond the reach of any other napkin designer in the industry. Since we started, PPD has grown from 16 napkin designs to over 500 with art developed with and licensed from top tier designers from all over the globe. Truly, we can decorate any table, in any theme with unparalleled pizzazz!

In addition to offering the best in paper goods, PPD's line also features the ultimate in gift-boxed porcelain; mugs, plates, espresso sets and cappuccino sets, all in beautiful boxes and ready to go as the perfect gift!

Our Sniff™ designer pocket tissues are all the rage, with over 250 designs, and are known as a worldwide brand without equal. Sniff™ tissues have become a popular collectible for children and adults alike, and make for a great gift idea.

These are the reasons PPD has become the leader in innovative fashion - always new, always the latest!

We hope you enjoy our latest product offering.

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