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In the rolling hills of Central Texas lies Round Top, a small village-like town of German Heritage that to this day, seems frozen in time and isolated from our hectic world. Twice a year, this small and peaceful haven becomes a world-class center of antiques and folk-art that attracts collectors from around the world. Our story begins over Twenty-eight years ago in this creative haven. The Round Top Collection was born when Jeff Krause successfully started selling his rusted metal creations on the Town Square in Round Top, Texas.

Jeff’s original design was an old rusted barrel hoop shaped into a heart (pictured below). At the time, rusted metal was not well-known in the gift industry, but the unique and elegant creations caught on quickly. In fact, there was one day Jeff went to pick up more barrel hoops and the storeowner said, “I don’t have any more, you’ve used every rusty hoop in the town”. Throughout the years, The Round Top Collection has evolved from rust into a variety of painted pieces that are hand-crafted with only the highest grade steel so it can be handed down from generation to generation. Each piece is designed to honor traditions and renew the joy of giving while borrowing from nature. Our goal for every season is not only to create new trends and designs, but to also inspire giving and sharing.

What started in a garage, is now located at a 45,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution facility in Houston, Texas. We remain a leader in the gift industry, not solely relying on our original designs and superior quality, but also with customer service that reminds you of the way it should be. That has and always will be our recipe to keep our story going.

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